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South San Francisco

Industry is the name of the game in South San Francisco! The city is located south of Daly City, east of Pacifica and west of the San Francisco Bay. For those who call this area home, they often call it “South City” for short. With numerous occupations, beautiful weather and numerous recreations in the area, many people are choosing to not only live here but to work here as well!

The History of South San Francisco

What we now know as South San Francisco, belonged to the Rancho Buri, a Mexican land grant in the early 1800’s. It wasn’t until 1853 that the land was purchased by Charles Lux and his business partner. Lux bought out his business partner, purchase some more land and founded the town of Baden, which is a neighborhood within the South San Francisco area. From this period, South San Francisco was conceived as an industrial suburb for the Beef trust, a group of the largest meat packing firms in the United States.

However, as time went by, more and more people start to settle in this area. It was then incorporated in 1908. Once this happened, more businesses started to move in, and the city began to grow to what it is today. Today, the South of San Francisco is known as the birthplace of biotechnology!

Landmarks and Recreation in South San Francisco

For those who are just moving into the area or who are visiting the South San Francisco area for the first time, there are several landmarks that you will not want to miss.

  1. The Sign: This is seen upon first approaching the area, and you cannot miss it. This is announcing just who South San Francisco is!
  2. The sculpture that honors the industrial area, located in the heart of this is a must see! At 92 feet tall, it is impossible to miss!
  3. Numerous local parks call this area home, many of these include athletic fields, indoor swimming pools and the like. The idea is that kids will have tons to do in these areas, including the newly finished skate park! Some of the parks in the area include Orange Memorial Park, Alta Loma Park, Buri-Buri Park, Sellick Park, Monte Verde Park, Westborough Park, and Paradise Valley.
  4. Be sure to visit the Grand Avenue in downtown, for a look at the history of the area, as many buildings have been kept for this purpose.
  5. The Oyster Yacht Club also calls this area home.

In addition to this locations, there is windsurfing, hiking, kayaking and numerous bike trails throughout the area for fun!

Employment and Industry

South San Francisco is known as the biotechnology hub of the United States, and for this reason, that is why several jobs are also located in this area. On average, the area has 66,000 residents. Of these residents, the clear majority are going to be working in the South San Francisco area. The unemployment rate in South San Francisco is at 3.2% as of 2015, which is lower than the state the California in total.

The most common industries in South San Francisco are transportation and warehousing, retail trade, construction, public administration, health care, technical and professional services and manufacturing. In comparison to the rest of the state, South San Francisco has more transportation and retail trade jobs.

Transportation in South San Francisco

One of the aspects that makes South San Francisco such a great place for many people is the numerous transportation options in the area. The public can utilize:

  1. The shuttle service that is between South San Francisco BART and the downtown area.
  2. There is the water ferry that can take people to San Francisco Bay.
  3. Numerous taxi or cab services are in the area.

For those who want to use their personal vehicle, they will find that the area is served with 3 interstates. In addition, the airport is nearby for quick air travel when needed.


South San Francisco is home to several different schools, in fact, there are around 15 schools that parents can choose to send their children to. Some of these schools include El Camino High School, South San Francisco High School, Baden High School, Parkway Heights, Westborough, Alta Loma, and several elementary schools. Some of the parochial schools in the area include All Souls and St. Veronica’s School.

Per, most of the schools in the area are getting a 7 or above, out of a possible 10 rating. This does make these schools on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to education value and student enjoyment.

Income and Housing

Within South San Francisco, the average rent is around $1,500 per month. For those who purchase a home, the average for all types of housing units was $540,000.  On average, the income of residents in the area is around $80,000, which is slightly higher than the rest of the state.

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