San Mateo Neighborhoods

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Search Homes for Sale In San Mateo

San Mateo Neighborhoods

San Mateo City is one of those very diverse places that has a little bit of something for everyone. This is not only speaking of the social circles here but also of the real estate. This is one of the only areas in California that you can see single story homes coupled with mansions down the road. There are even some areas that have charming cottages available for purchase!

What makes this area one that people want to live in? Most people love the big-city feel that the area has. However, for those who call one of these neighborhoods home, they often feel as though they are living in a small town where they know their neighbors! It is this distinct feeling that has many people clamoring to get in on the real estate in the area.

There are several neighborhoods that call San Mateo City home, and we are going to take a closer look at each one!

San Mateo Park

This is an exclusive area that has some of the most popular homes in the area. The homes are located on oversized lots, which does lend to the feeling of living away from the city when it is right down the road. For this reason, homes in the area do not come onto the market much, as most people make this their final home to own. A few interesting facts about the area:

  • Median home prices: $2,675,000
  • Burlingame Avenue where the shopping and eating locations are is less than one mile away for most residents
  • Most homes in the area have up to and over 4,000 square feet
  • Many homes are over 100 years old but have stayed current with remodels

Baywood / Aragon

These are two very affordable neighborhoods in the San Mateo area. Therefore, they are often very popular for those who are interested in moving to the area. IN this area, you are going to find more traditional home styles such as Tudors and Colonial. A few interesting facts about the real estate here:

  • Most homes have at least three bedrooms, with some having more or less
  • The median sales price is $2,100,000
  • Close proximity to parks and the downtown area

Homestead / Beresford Manor

This area is much more affordable area for families who may not have the means for the previous two San Mateo neighborhoods mentioned. These homes are much smaller as they are only 2,000 square feet or so. The lots are almost smaller. However, it is still a great, calm neighborhood that puts you near the city center.

  • Median home prices are $1,383,000
  • Lots are usually around 5,000 square feet

Hayward Park / Sunnybrae / 19th Avenue

Near Central Park, this area has a 1920’s feel to it. Home wise, these are relatively smaller, as they are often around 1,200 square feet. But, there are those that have been upgraded to around 2,500 square feet. This is considered one of those All-American types of neighborhoods, perfect for families!

  • Median home sales around $1,200,000
  • There is a CalTrain station in Hayward Park

These areas are considered the rising stars of the San Mateo area.

Fiesta Gardens

Located near an open concept park, this is the hub of the neighborhood. Many gatherings take place here. This is one of those neighborhoods that people are going to feel completely safe in thanks to the homeowner’s association that is a part of this neighborhood.

  • Homes can be as low as $700,000 or as high as $1.2 million
  • Homeowner dues are usually $300 annually

San Mateo Highlands

Located above the Crystal Springs Shopping Center, this neighborhood has a lot to offer. Not only is it near the shopping center, but it has its own aquatics center here. This is a location that is great for commuters, thanks to being close to Highway 280. Expect prices of homes to be high, as the lots are fairly large when compared to other neighborhoods.

  • Median house price $1,884,000
  • About 25 minutes to San Francisco
  • Mostly four bedrooms homes in the area

San Mateo Village / Lauriedale

While this area was once a first-time buyer location, this has changed greatly. Now, what attracts most buyers is its close location to Highway 101, making it a top choice for commuters. In addition, it has an amazing walkability score thanks to being so close to a Starbucks and a Whole Foods store.

  • Mostly three bedroom homes in the area
  • Median home price $1,350,000
  • Most homes around 1,300 to 2,000 square foot homes

Los Prados / Lakeshore / Harbortown

These neighborhoods are along the Lakeshore Landing. These are waterfront homes that many people want to live in, thanks to the beautiful views! There are homes, condos, and apartments that call this neighborhood home.

  • Median house price $1,228,000
  • Great choice for commuters!
  • Numerous green spaces, including tennis, basketball courts and baseball fields within walking distance

Beresford Manor / San Mateo Terrace / Beresford

The small lots are the last thing that you will notice once you hit these tree-lined streets and beautiful homes. These are tight-knit neighborhoods in which many people know their neighbors. A close feel of belonging is what families feel when they are here.

  • Homes range in price from $800,000 to above $1 million
  • Range of age in homes from post-war to upgraded Tudors

Hillsdale “The Lanes.”


The Lanes is located behind the Hillsdale Shopping Center, a huge plus for those who want to be close to shopping. These are smaller homes that many small ranchers call home.


  • Median sales price $1,430,000
  • Most homes are three bedrooms
  • Several condos/townhomes in the area


San Mateo Knolls

San Mateo Knolls is close to Belmont, and it has many choices. There are homes with bay views, those that belong on cul-de-sacs, and they all range in sizes. This is a great neighborhood for those who want choices!

  • Large lots average more than 10,000 square feet
  • Homes over 2,000 square feet in size
  • Homes can sell for $600,000 to more than $1.5 million

Westwood Knolls

This is near several schools in the area, making it a great place for those with kids! The homes here range in prices, but those that want to make this their home, they will find that they are close to Baywood and Aragon.

  • Homes range in price from $800,000 to $1.6 million
  • Mostly 3 bedroom homes
  • Average price of $1,323,000

Laurelwood / Sugarloaf

There are the types of homes that you associate with California. They have that feel of suburbia complete with large garages. These homes are often more than 2,500 square feet. The neighborhood is within walking distance to Laurelwood Shopping Center and Laurelwood Park, great for large families!

  • Homes start at around $1.5 million
  • Most homes have 4 or more bedrooms

North Shoreview / South Shoreview

These are the homes that are more affordable. The entire neighborhood is close to Coyote Point and South Shoreview.

  • Mostly 3 bedroom homes
  • Median home sales price $800,000
  • Ranch style homes mostly

Bowie Estates / Eastern Addition / Downtown

This is the downtown area that offers the urban feel that you may be craving. The prices are affordable, and you are going to find that the styles of these homes differ thanks to the collection of cultures and history in this area.

  • Median price: $793,000 to $992,000
  • Mostly comprised of condos/townhomes

San Mateo is home to diversity in real estate, and that is what attracts many people to the area. Don’t forget; we can help get you into your dream home within the San Mateo area!