Redwood City Neighborhoods

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Search Homes for Sale In Redwood City

Redwood City Neighborhoods

With its located in the heart of the peninsula, Redwood City is considered the go to place for those who work in the area, or who may be traveling to work in the San Francisco or Silicon Valley area. With short commutes, most people love the atmosphere of a hometown feel that Redwood City offers. With numerous transportation options and highly rated schools, it is a great place for families to settle down! The housing market in the area is made up of single family homes, condos/townhomes and duplexes. There are several neighborhoods to choose from, all with a different flavor. Thus, shopping around if your best bet to find the neighborhood that best fits your needs and personality.

Clifford Heights

This is considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Redwood City area. For those who are looking at a map, this is located north of The Alameda and west of Edgewood Road. For locals, they often refer to this area as Palomar Park. For those who want to feel secluded from all around them, but still have access to the downtown area, then this is it. A few interesting facts:

  • Mostly 3 bedroom homes in the area
  • Average sales price: $1,618,000
  • Important to keep in mind that some of these homes are still running on septic tanks, while updated homes are working with the sewer system.

Cordilleras Heights/Emerald Hills

For those who are looking for a sough after area, then this is it. Located from Alameda de las Pugas to HWY 280, this area borders the city of Woodside. These are large and very expensive homes for the most case. When going through the area, long and winding roads are to be expected, but it also gives a feeling of privacy with these homes. Also, keep in mind that this area is home to Emerald Hills Lake, the Elks lodge, and Emerald Hills Golf Course, some great selling points for buyers!

  • Low end of the price spectrum is around $64,000
  • Highest homes can see for $3 million or more
  • Known for its expansive hiking trails and rich heritage

Farm Hill

Located next door to Emerald Hills, Farm Hill is a mix of homes. This area is more for those who want the ability to walk to parks and schools, and who desire to have a sense of home when walking into the neighborhood. There are around 42 acres to explore with the Stulsaft Park, great for those who want to hike! A few facts:

  • Most homes in the area are 3 bedroom homes
  • Average price for a home in the area $1,382,000
  • This area is home to the Roy Cloud Elementary School that is considered one of the best schools throughout the district


This is the first-time home buyer neighborhood or the neighborhood for those who are interested in being close to everything that is going on. Located just off of Veterans Boulevard and El Camino Real, this area is within walking distance to the downtown area, along with the Caltrain. There are four parks in the area, for those who want to ensure they are close to the activity! It is interesting to note that Lenolt is actually comprised of three neighborhoods: Staumbaugh Heller, Centennial and Lenolt aka “The ABC streets”.

  • Mostly 3 bedroom homes, with several condos/townhomes available
  • Average sales price is $785,000
  • Some homes are vintage, while the newer apartments are more modern


The Dumbarton area is comprised of Fair Oaks, Friendly Acres, Dumbarton Park, and Redwood Village areas. This is a great neighborhood for those who are just entering into the homeowner market or looking for a place to rent. There are several types of homes that make up this area including apartments, multi-residential buildings and single-family homes. A few facts:

  • The highest number of homes in the area are 2 bedroom homes with 1030 in the area
  • The average price of the homes is $678,000
  • Some of the lowest priced homes in the area are only $280,000

High School Acres

If you love vintage, then you are going to love High School Acres. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Redwood City area. For this reason, there are several vintage homes, as well as those homes that have been renovated to become more modern. There are several homes in the area that are considered super affordable, while others are rather expensive. There are several large lots in the area, which are the sought-after areas for many people. Stafford Park calls this area home, which is one reason why so many families are interested in this area. A few facts about the area:

  • Majority of the homes in the area are 3 bedroom homes
  • Average sales price is $1,396,000
  • There are over 2,000 homes that are located in this neighborhood

Central Park

For those who want to belong to a community that accepts you and are able to walk around, knowing your neighbor, then the Central Park area is going to be the one for you. This is located to the east of El Camino Real and west of Alameda. There are two shopping centers that call this area home, along with two public schools. A few facts about the homes here:

  • On average, they are 1,000 to 1500 sq feet
  • On medium sized lots
  • Sales price: $48,000 to $1.95 million

Horgan Ranch

This area was originally farm land, thus expect to find homes that are on large lots and have been renovated throughout the years. The spacing of the homes in the area is one of the reasons why so many people prefer this area. They often call this area rural, since there are no sidewalks and there is a lot of landscaping around. However, for those who want something private, this is going to be the best option. A few facts about the area:

  • 3 and 4 bedroom homes on average are found
  • Average sales price $1,220,000
  • Most homes have at least 3,000 square feet

For those who are ready to make the move, Redwood City has a distinct feel to it. And it could be just what you need for your future home plans!