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Redwood City, CA

Located in the Northern California Bay Area, 27 miles south of San Francisco and 24 miles north of San Jose, Redwood City is located. This is a beautiful city that holds significance to San Mateo County. This area offers a great city feel, but also has that small-town charm that people have come to expect when looking to move into the San Mateo County area. Sister cities to Redwood City include Colima, Mexico, and Xhuhai, Guangdong China. Redwood City has a population of around 76,800, making for a nice hometown feel to the area.

History of Redwood City

Redwood City has always been a dominant player in the history of San Mateo County. Before being known as Redwood City, the area was involved in the gold rush and was one of the areas that experienced an influx of people during this time. Interestingly, the town was originally called Mezesville. The town itself was incorporated in 1867, and then re-incorporated in 1897. During the early 20th century, the town grew into a thriving commerce, government and manufacturing areas. However, by the 60’s and 70’s, the thriving town was lagging behind. Luckily, no one gave up on Redwood City, and the city is now starting to see the glory that they once had.

Landmarks and Recreation in Redwood City

There are several things to do in Redwood City, and the parks and recreation department has made it their job to ensure that families have tons of activities on those next weekends and school breaks. Just a few of these recreational ideas:

  • Off-leash dog areas
  • Phil Shao Memorial Skate Park
  • Water Play areas throughout the city
  • Over 30 parks are located in Redwood City. A few examples: Andrew Spinas Park, Dolphin Park, Linden Park, Shore Dogs Park, Marlin Park, Palm Park, Westwood Park, and Red Morton Community Park.

For those who want to learn more about the rich history of the area, there is also the walking tour that can be found online via the cities website. This is a self-guided tour that has all the information that you could need to learn more about this great area.

As far as Landmarks go, there is the Union Cemetery, which is considered a State historical landmark that you can visit. If you are looking for something to do for a night out on the town, you are going to find that the dining options in the downtown area are some of the best that you will come across! In fact, Redwood City downtown area has been stated as being one of the strongest areas in all of San Mateo County for a night out on the town!

Employment and Industry

Redwood City has several employers that call this area home, and this is one of the reasons that so many people are eager to move here. The top four employers are Oracle American, Inc, Electronic Arts Inc, The Permanente Medical Group and the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. However, as the town continues to get back on their feet, there are several new technology companies that are taking interest in building their business in the area. There are currently 87,830 businesses in the area.

The industries that are seen here vary. Many of those who work in the Redwood City area are going to be in the fields of education, technology, public service, government, hospitality, entrepreneurs, and the medical fields. It should be noted that most people who live in this area have at least a Bachelor’s degree for their profession.

Transportation in Redwood City

For those who are looking for an area that is going to allow them numerous travel options, then Redwood City is definitely worth of your consideration. The Caltrain has a stop that is right in the downtown area. In addition, a person can also utilize the BART system, however, be aware that this has not reached Redwood City yet. Instead, people take the train to the SFO extension to catch the transit system. There is also numerous SamTrans bus routes that go through Redwood City. For those who are looking to drive, the entire city is close to Highway 101 and Interstate 280.


For those kids who live in the Redwood City area, they are going to be attending the Redwood City School District. It is interesting to note that several of the schools in the district are considered Distinguished schools, and have high API scores.  The schools within this district include: Clifford School, Roy Cloud School, Garfield School, Hoover School, Selby Lane School, Roosevelt School, North Star Academy, Adelante School, Fair Oak School, Henry Ford School, John gill School, Hawes School, Orion School, Taft School, Kennedy Middle School and McKinley School of Technology.

The high schools are severed by the Sequoia Union High School District, this include Redwood High School, Sequoia High School, Summit Preparatory Charter High School and Everest Public High School. For those students who live close to Woodside, they often attend Woodside High School in the neighboring town.

There is also one community college in the: Canada College, who offers degrees in business, design & workforce, humanities and social sciences, and science and technology.

Income and Housing

When it comes to income within Redwood City, those who live here often earn more than those in the state of California and elsewhere within the United States. According to 2015 data, the average income for families in the Redwood City area is $97,750. For those who are interested in moving to this area they are going to find that the price of a home really depends upon which neighborhood a person belongs to. However, the median house value is around $1 million for the area. The average rent in the area is $1821.

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