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Welcome To Pacifica!

Beautiful shorelines, picturesque sunrises, a variety of outdoor activities to do with Rockaway Beach and numerous hiking trails, the Gateway to Devil’s Slide Tunnel and just minutes away from the major city of San Diego, Pacifica is an area in which many people are looking to call home. And we agree…this is a great place to call home!

The History of Pacifica

Pacifica was discovered along with the San Francisco Bay in 1769 by a Spanish scouting party that was led by Gaspar de Portola. Once the area was discovered, immigrants from Ireland and Italy saw the potential the land had for their agricultural skills and began to farm the area. In fact, Pacifica was home to the artichoke crop that was considered the largest in the county during the 1890’s.

It wasn’t until 1957 that Pacifica was incorporated. This incorporation meant consolidating the nine small communities of Fairmont, Pacific Manor, Westview, Fairway Park, Sharp Park, Rockaway Beach, Vallemar, Linda Mar and Pedro Point. It was then that Pacifica turned into the beautiful neighborhood we know and love today!

Landmarks and Recreation in Pacifica

There are several historical landmarks in and around Pacifica that showcase our rich history. Just to name a few:

•          Sanchez Adobe

•          Little Brown Church

•          Sam’s Castle

•          Ocean shore Railroad

•          Pacifica Pier


Our beaches in Pacifica are also a main drawl to the community. Imagine spending your days on the beach or taking a walk with your dog, it is a picture-perfect way to spend a weekend. Some of our beaches include:

•          Linda Mar Beach (dog friendly)

•          Rockaway beach

•          Sharp Park Beach (great walking area)

•          Mussel Rock Beach


With numerous hiking trails, tons of outdoor sports taking place, and there is always dinning and shopping areas around, you can stay at home every weekend and experience something new.

Employment and Industry

Not only is Pacifica a great place to call home, but finding employment in the area is even easier. According to a 2012 report, the rate of employment in Pacifica was higher than the entire state of California. In addition, the unemployment rate is slightly lower than the unemployment rate for California.

When it comes to the industries found in Pacifica, professional/scientific, health and social services, transportation and warehousing, public administration, construction, information and educational industries rank higher here than other areas of California. Pacific is also home to industries that perform better here than in other areas of the entire United States. These industries include health and social services, education, professional and scientific, and wholesale trade.

Transportation in Pacifica

While many people prefer to walk around Pacifica to get to the local restaurants or shopping areas, the shuttle will allow for public transportation around Pacifica. The shuttle system runs all day with small breaks in the morning, for lunch and in the afternoon. Even better, the Devil’s Slide Ride offers a free shuttle service on the weekends!


The public sector of education in Pacifica is known as the Pacific School District. The schools that belong to this district include Vallemar, Cabrillo, Ingrid B. Lacy, Sunset Ridge, Ortega, Linda Mar and Ocean Shore schools. There is one private high school, along with two public high schools that are a part of the Jefferson Union High School District. These schools are Terra Nova High School, Alma Heights Christian High School and Oceana High School.  All the schools that make up the education system in Pacifica are given an 8 out of 10 rating, per

Income and Housing

For those who call Pacifica home, their median household income is $87,767. The average for rent and housing is around $1500 per month.

With all the dining options, restaurants, outdoor activities, and the high ratings for local schools, families who are looking to call a new place home will find Pacifica has it all. For those young individuals looking to move into a safe area that they can grow with, Pacifica has it all!


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