Menlo Park Neighborhoods

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Search Homes for Sale In Menlo Park

Menlo Park Neighborhoods

For those who want a small town feel to the area that they live in, Menlo Park may be just what they need. There are several neighborhoods that are all considered part of the Menlo Park area. They all offer something for each resident and they are located close enough for those who wish to commute.

Fair Oaks

For a tree-lined neighborhood, this is the best for you. In fact, this is known as a neighborhood that will help out the neighbor or even bring chicken noodle soup to ensure you feel better. A few facts about this community:

  • The area does belong to Fair Oaks Beautification Association
  • Most homes were built in the 1950s
  • Average home price is $1,770,000

Suburban Park/Lorelei Manor/Flood Triangle

This is a neighborhood known for its parks and recreation in the area. This area is home to many families. This area is home to the Belle Haven Elementary School as well. A few facts about this area:

  • Studio apartments/homes are average around $499,000
  • 2 bedroom homes are $1.29 M on average
  • 3 bedroom homes are $1.48 M on average

Belle Haven

This area is considered one of the low-income neighborhoods. Most homes in the neighborhood are single-family homes. However, things are changing fast for this neighborhood, thanks to Facebook being located here. This is home to several private schools, along with the Belle Haven School which is public.

  • Homes can range from $800,000 to $2 million
  • Most homes have around 2 bedrooms or more

Menlo Oaks

For those who are looking for rustic charm, look no further than Menlo Oaks. Those who travel through this area are going to find that almost everything feels as though you are going back into time. There are no bike paths and the roads are narrow. However, each home feels as though they are super private!

  • Near shopping of Downtown Menlo Park
  • Homes could have been built as early as the late 1920s
  • Prices vary but can range from $500,000 to over $2 million

The Willows

This area is one that fosters community. While there is no housing authority over the year, neighbors look out for one another and the area in general.

  • Average 3-bedroom home costs $2.15 million
  • Both older and newer homes being built are in the area

Central Menlo Park

This area was once all farmland. Thus, there are older homes here, as well as those that are newly built. The clear majority of those who live here are considered younger families that wanted more land to raise their kids on.

  • Average 2-bedroom home is $3.45 million
  • Homes in the area have seen an increase of 32.2% since last year
  • The average list price for any property is $4.29 million

Sharon Heights

For those who are looking for something that has a bit more of a city feel to it, Sharon Heights is the location. Located not very far from Intestate 280, this area has a rural feel, but the homes here are more city like.

  • Several neighborhood events take place here, such as a Halloween block party
  • Most homes are townhomes, condos or apartments

University Heights

This is one of the newer neighborhoods that is in the Menlo Park area. Those who live here may be retirees, while next door there may be those families just starting out. There is a huge mix that calls this area home, making it very diverse. In fact, many younger people look at this as one of the more trendier areas.

Felton Gables

This area is home to what many people believe to be the architectural area of Menlo Park. There are homes that have the common California appeal to them, while others are utilizing a more Eastern US influence. What most people like about this area is that it is often just a walk or bike ride away from recreational activities.

Park Forest

Homes in this area are considered to be influenced by German architecture. And those who go here are surprised that the area does live up to its name with numerous older trees in the area. A few facts to consider:

  • There are 3 homeowner’s associations in this area
  • All these associates have a private park and pool for residents to use

Downtown Menlo Park

Considered to be the area for the best of both worlds, the residential and city feel to this neighborhood make it a top choice of those who are moving here. This is close to shopping like the Stanford Shopping Center, but also close to those recreational areas as well.