Burlingame Neighborhoods

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Search Homes for Sale In Burlingame

Burlingame Neighborhoods

The city of Burlingame is a thriving area and one in which families and individuals call home. Could this be your next location? We would like to think so! There are numerous neighborhoods that call this area home, meaning there is a little something for everyone!

Downtown Burlingame

For most, the Downtown Burlingame area consists of El Camino Real / Occidental Ave. and is one of the unique neighborhoods in Burlingame is that it has a high number of studio, one and two bedroom real estates. And it is often considered the go to the area for those looking for an apartment in a large building, as this is what dominates the market. This area is dominated by citizens in the executive, management and professional occupation, and who are often single or has a family that consists of two or three people. A few interesting facts about this neighborhood:

  • Around 14.8% of residents use the train system to get to work, higher than 95% of other neighborhoods in the US
  • The ratio of apartment complexes is higher here than in 96% of other neighborhoods
  • The rent on average runs around $2,500
  • Considered a dense, urban neighborhood
  • Numerous retailers are located here, such as JCrew, Lululemon and Pottery Barn

Those who live here may find that they simply must step out of their doors to get to their job, a huge plus for those who want an urban dwelling. Overall, this area is considered hip and trendy, sophisticated and has a 90% walkable score!

Old Burlingame

The area is often now referred to as Burlingame Park, but for long-time residents, it will always be known as Old Burlingham. This area is considered by far the most expensive neighborhood. In this area, on average homes can be priced over $2 million dollars. The area is highly sought after due to its convenient locations to several areas such as Burlingame Avenue that has several luxury stores and restaurants. A few interesting facts about this neighborhood:

  • This neighborhood is more wealthy than around 97% of the US neighborhoods
  • This area is considered relatively quiet with a 22% quiet ratio
  • Almost 51% of those who live here are married with families
  • 80% of people commute via personal vehicles to work
  • This area has a 92% rating for being urban sophisticates
  • It scores a 75% on the walkable score

Overall, if you are looking for luxury and large real estate options, this is the neighborhood for you!

Lyon Hoag & Burlingables

Lyon Hoag and Burlingables are some of the more affordable areas throughout Burlingame. They have a beauty about them, that is picturesque, with tree-lined streets, fence in front and back yards, and a peaceful aura about the area. This is also the area for those who want to feel as though they belong to a neighborhood, as they often host block parties for all residents to attend, have fun and get to know one another. A few interesting facts:

  • These are small to medium-sized homes in the area
  • Prices range from $800,000 over slightly over $1 million
  • It is in walking distance to Burlingame Ave, the downtown area

For those with families, this is the place to be!

Burlingame Gardens

Located near Broadway Avenue and Highway 101, is home to many older like homes and has a few upbeat feel to it. For those who want affordability, they are going to find that this is the location to be in. Home wise, these are often older homes that are often priced at $1 million. It is the older homes that draws many residents into the area. A few interesting facts:

  • Relatively quiet neighborhood
  • Super easy access to Highway 101
  • Very close to the Burlingame High School

This can be a great starter neighborhood for singles or families!

Burlingame Terrace

Do you desire the ability to walk everywhere you may need to go? Check out, Burlingame Terrace! This is one of those neighborhoods that is considered very convenient. Why is this? It is close to downtown, allowing for you to get to shopping and restaurants within a few blocks. This is often considered one of the oldest neighborhoods throughout Burlingame.  A few interesting tidbits:

  • Median price of homes is $1.5 million
  • Many homes were build pre-WWII era
  • Bungalow style homes are often seen here

Burlingame Grove & Burlingame Village

When entering into this area, you will find older homes that are nothing short of adorable with the tree lined streets. However, go towards the northern part of the neighborhood, and you will see a change in living accommodations. This area is known for more apartments and even office buildings. A few facts about the area:

  • Average price of homes is $1.5 million
  • The neighborhood often smells of chocolate thanks to the Guittard Chocolate location!

For a sweet area to live in, this could be the best choice. Even if you are not into older homes, the newer apartments could be right up your alley!

Ray Park

This is a more traditional area with homes that were built after WWII. Typical homes in the area have three bedrooms, an attached garage, and two bathrooms. What makes this area a drawl for many residents, the transportation options. This area is close to the BART, Highway 280 and Highway 101 to get to other area throughout Burlingame with ease.

  • Price of homes vary with some as low as $1 million and some going for over $3 million
  • Very nice neighborhood feel to the area
  • Home to the only public middle school in Burlingame: Burlingame Intermediate School

Burlingame Hills

If you want to be a part of a neighborhood, but still have your privacy, then Burlingame Hills is the place to be. The area features larger lots for home, and fairly large homes as well. One of the selling points of this area is the scenic views that are seen throughout the area. The homes are often two stories and often have great views, as most homes are on a downward/upward slope.

  • Median price of homes: $2.1 million
  • Low walking score, meaning you must drive to almost any area you want to go
  • Hills, slopes and curving streets are major characteristics of the area

Mills Estates

This area is for those who are looking for newer built homes. This is a great outdoor enthusiast’s area with the San Francisco State Fish and Game Refuge sitting west of the neighborhood. Homes in the area are around 50 to 60 years old.

  • Median home price $2 million
  • Decent sized lots
  • Bay views are often seen with each home

Whatever you desire in a home, can be found within the Burlingame area. With numerous schools, parks and other outdoor areas sprinkled throughout these neighborhoods, you are going to find a fit for whatever you desire!