Burlingame, California

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Burlingame, CA

Known as the “City of Trees,” Burlingame is a highly sought after area due to the high quality of life residents have who live here. For those who are looking for their first home or even a forever home, they will find that the Burlingame is one of the top areas in San Mateo County to consider. Great views, a quality education system, relaxing eucalyptus groves and friendly neighbors are just one of the many reasons people decide to call this area home!

The History of Burlingame

Burlingame started out as much land in California did. It was a part of the Mexican land grant. This land grant was finally sold to William Davis Merry Howard who planted numerous eucalyptus trees on the property, just for his enjoyment. When Howard died an early death, a prominent banker by the name of William C Ralston purchased the land. Once Anson Burlingame visited the area in 1866, he left as the owner of the land. The settlement was named after Anson.

Many people passed the land around after untimely or early deaths of those who had purchased it. They had many big plans for the land, but no ideas seemed to follow through. It wasn’t until the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that the land started to develop. Between 1906 and 1907 hundreds of the lots in Burlingame was sold. And the town of Burlingame was incorporated in 1908. Burlingame became even bigger in 1910 when a neighboring town Easton was annexed and combined into Burlingame.

Landmarks and Recreation in Burlingame

Within Burlingame, there are several parks in the area for kids and families to entertain themselves on weekends or during school breaks. Some of these parks include J Lot Playground, Alpine Playground, Bayside Dog Exercise Park, Community Garden at Bayside Fields, Heritage Park, Laguna Park and many more.  A few of the landmarks that people come to Burlingame to see include:

  • Shorebird Sanctuary
  • Peninsula Museum of Art
  • Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
  • Crystal Springs Golf Club
  • GoKart Racer
  • Numerous eateries in the area
  • Tons of shopping!

Employment and Industry

There are several industries that call Burlingame home. These industries include the professional, scientific and technical services, healthcare, finance and insurance, educational services, accommodation services, construction and real estate or rental leasing. In fact, most of these industries offer more employment in Burlingame than in other parts of California. The chances of finding employment in these industries within Burlingame is relatively high.

Transportation in Burlingame

Through Burlingame, there are four major highways: Highway 101, Highway 82, Highway 35 and Interstate 280. These are the main roads that will get a person to and out of Burlingame. Public transportation wise, the Caltrain has been in the area since 1985. The Bay Area Rapid Transit does its final stop within the Burlingame city limits as well.


One of the many selling aspects for property in Burlingame is the education level. Per Greatschools.org, most of these schools are getting higher than average star ratings from those who attended or sent their children to these schools. Most of the schools also get an 8 to 10 on the GreatSchools rating…a highly sought after rating for any school.

In Burlingame alone, there are 19 preschools in which parents can choose to send their children. The Burlingame School District operates the elementary and middle schools in the city. The area is serviced by Burlingame Intermediate School, which is their sole public middle school. There are six public elementary schools which include Franklin Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Washington Elementary and Hoover Elementary. The only public high school is Burlingame High School. There is also private all girls, Catholic high school, Mercy High School, that services the area.

What should be noted is that Burlingame schools rank as one of the top four school districts in the state of California, per 2009 Academic Performance Index Scores.

Income and Housing

Within the Burlingame area, the average cost for houses in the area was around $1,786,506 in 2013. The average rent for the area was $1,108 per month. The income level in Burlingame is on average $90,209, which is around $30,000 higher than what the rest of California homes earn.

Burlingame Neighborhoods