Belmont, CA Neighborhoods

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Search Homes for Sale In Belmont

Belmont Neighborhoods

Belmont, California is the go to area for those who want to live in a great area that has a wonderful feel of family to it! Belmont is located between San Mateo and San Carlos, and east of Redwood Shores. For those who are first go into the area, the first thing they are going to notice: All the woods in the area, giving it a very residential feel. In fact, upon seeing pictures of the area, most people are surprised to learn it is so close to those bustling areas of California. This is the location for those who want that classic American dream of owning a home, having a two-car garage, kids running in the yard and playing with other kids throughout the neighborhood, and parents coming home to smiles. If this is something that you want, then this could be the area for you. With several neighborhoods that make up the Belmont area, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and desires!


The Homeview area is often coupled with the Sterling Downs neighborhoods. This is a great area for first home buyers and is super family friendly. An interesting fact about this area, it is mostly flat, which cannot be found in the other Belmont neighborhoods. Homes in the area often consist of post-war single family cottages and a few warehouses in the area.

–           The area has mostly 3 bedroom homes

–           The average sales price for homes in the area is $910,000

–           The local elementary school, Nesbit Elementary has a 7 out of 10 rating via

–           Close proximity to Highway 101 and the Belmont Caltrain station, making commuting super easy

Belmont Country Club

San Mateo is at the north of Belmont Country Club, while Ralston Avenue is to the south and west. Those who live here usually do so for the privacy that this area can offer. Why is it so private? The roads in this area are very windy and steep, thus most families in the area feel like not many people are out sightseeing in this area. This does mean that the area is not very walkable, and those who do try to do this will more than likely want some reflective gear for their safety as the twist and turns can make even the safest driver a bit hesitant.

Aside from the road issues, these are some of the more beautiful homes in the area. The area was meant to become the next Belmont Woods area, but the country club that was once here disappeared, and this is when most homes were built in the area.

–           Average sales price for a home is $1,220,000

–           Most homes are 3 bedrooms, split level homes

–           Most homes have great views, and this is often the selling point of moving here

Belmont Woods

The homes that are in this neighborhood is some of the most desirable that Belmont city has to offer. The area seems to have it all, beautiful homes, great views and numerous things to do in the area. There are numerous hiking trails in the area, homes are super spacious, and the lots in which these homes set on are usually quarter-acre or larger. The homes are often very close to Highway 280, meaning that you can easily commute if needed.

–           Homes are often either 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom

–           Average sales price is $1,479,000

–           Premier area that many families belong in


Close to the Belmont downtown area, Carlmont is a hybrid of San Carlos and Belmont, hence the name. Twin Pines Park is in the area, the city’s most notable landmark. It is also home to Charles Armstrong School, the regions well known school for serving dyslexic students. The Carlmont Village Shopping Center is also located here. Thus, the area is walkable in most places.

–           Average house prices are $1,349,000

–           Most homes are 3 bedroom homes

–           Numerous sized homes in the area, some smaller homes can be around $750,000 in price

Antique Forest

If you are looking for a great view, then you may find just what you desire in Antique Forest. This neighborhood has homes that were mostly built in the 1940s and 1950s. However, it is the views that get most buyers. They love how these are some of the best views in all the mid-Peninsula market. Here you are going to find several notable landmarks associated with Belmont including Notre Dame de Namur University, Oak Knoll Drive, Belle Monti Country Club, and Notre Dame High School.

–           Most homes are 3 bedrooms

–           There are several condos/townhomes in the area

–           The homes can range anywhere between $800,000 to $1.1 million when being sold

Belmont is a city that has a little bit of something for everyone. With the numerous neighborhoods in the area, no matter what you are looking for in a home, you can find it here!