Belmont, CA

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Belmont, CA

Located between San Francisco and San Jose, the population of Belmont City is around 26,000. Overall, this is a highly residential area with several neighborhoods in the areas that are desired by those who want beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay or wooded neighborhoods to raise their families in. Those who live here often gush over the small-town feel, but with its location to those bigger cities. The sister cities for Belmont City include Namur, Belgium and Belmont, Massachusetts.

The History of Belmont City

Belmont City has a rich and long history. Records show that the first settler was seen in 1850, known as Angelo. In 1851, large amounts of land were purchased from the Pulgas by Steinburger and Beard. From this time on, the area began to grow, as more people come here, and they started to develop the land into a thriving area. It wasn’t until 1926 that the area was incorporated into a city.

Landmarks and Recreation in Belmont City

Due to Belmont City being largely a small town feel area, there are several recreational activities and places for families to enjoy. These include:

  • Belmont Iceland: An indoor ice rink for those who enjoy ice skating throughout the year!
  • Twin Pines Park: a great playground for those with children
  • Bay Area Ridge Riders: A great horse trail for those who enjoy riding and the outdoors

There are several other parks, too numerous to count, that families in the area enjoy.

Employment and Industry

The unemployment rate in Belmont is only 5%, compared to the 7% throughout the rest of California. The industries in the area are mostly entrepreneurships with 87,830 businesses established throughout the community. Many of these people are working in the following industries:

  • Public services
  • Transportation services
  • Education
  • Hospitality services
  • Small to medium businesses

It is interesting that many people work from home in this area. In fact, Belmont has a 71% higher than national average for those who work from home.

Transportation in Belmont City

On average, people commute out of Belmont City into other cities for work. The average commute time is 26 minutes. There are also several public transportation options including the 3 airports that are within 30 miles of Belmont. Along with 15 Amtrak stations that are within 30 miles of the city center.


Belmont City belongs to the Belmont-Redwood Shores District. The schools in this district include Central Elementary, Cipriani Elementary, Fox Elementary, Nesbit Elementary, Redwood Shores Elementary, and Sandpiper Elementary. This also includes the one middle school in the area: Ralston Middle School. This is also home to Carlmont High School. University wise, there is the Notre Dame de Namur University. Belmont schools get a 9 out of 10 rating per

Income and Housing

Belmont City has a higher than the average of California income per capita. In Belmont City, on average people earn $106,287 in the household, compared to the average state household income of $61,489. The average home price in the area is $910,600 which is a bit higher than other areas throughout California. In addition, the monthly rent is on average $1500.

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